Our Professional Consultants

Our Professional Consultants

Our services teams have extensive international experience and a number of professional consultants. Our consultants all have various professional qualifications, including:

» Chartered Accountant, England & Wales ( ACA )
» Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant ( FCPA )
» Chartered Management Accountant, England ( FCMA )
» International Accountant, England ( FAIA )
» Chartered Accountant, Malaysia ( CA(M) )
» Certified General Accountant, Canada ( CGA )
» Member of Hong Kong Securities Institute ( MHKSI )


Our Target Customers

Target Customers

We are a qualified team dedicated to provide customers with various professional services.

Our target customers include : sole proprietors, partnerships, organizations, individual business owners, limited companies, offshore companies, overseas companies and investors, either in Hong Kong, PRC, Taiwan and other countries, etc.


Strategic Associate

Francis S. L. Yan & Co., C P A

Affiliates & Business Contacts

A number of commercial banks, investment banks, stockbrokers, law firms, CPA firms, surveyors, valuation companies, realty estate agents, insurance brokers, PR firms, marketing companies, IT companies, training and HR consulting companies, etc.